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Technical Editing

I provided technical editing services for two Wiley publications.

  • Account-based Marketing for Dummies

  • Marketing Automation for Dummies

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  • The Six Onboarding Mistakes People Should Avoid in their Product-led Business

    Product-led Podcast
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  • The Reeducation of Melanie Crissey

    Marietta Stories
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  • Special Edition: Atlanta Tech Village

    Business RadioX
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  • Videos

  • Using Customer Research to Define Metrics for Product-led at Scale

    ProductLed Summit
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  • Fixing Product Friction

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  • Beyond Feedback: Quantifying the Qualitative for Measurable CX

    ProductLed Summit
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  • Every Onboarding Mistake I Made (So You Don't Have To)

    ProductLed Summit
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  • Conferences & Meetups

  • WeRise Conference, What You Learn Working with Early-stage SaaS Startups

  • amUX, Delivering Seamless Experiences