Big Yikes

January 15, 2022

Last night I had the audacity to want to position two images side-by-side in a blog post.

But, my blog posts are written in markdown. And, there’s a bunch of image handling stuff built into the Gatsby framework that I don’t understand yet. (Why are all my blog post images getting wrapped in a span tag…? It’s a mystery!)

I couldn’t figure out an obvious way to make a two-column image layout happen. So, I wrote a couple of divs, added some CSS float properties (lol), and called it a day.

This morning I woke up with the naive desire to fix this issue by implementing a more elegant solution. Do people still use Bootstrap? Flexbox? What is this display:grid business?

Google searched. Landed on a video tutorial. Installed a few npm packages… and managed to eff up my site so badly that it wouldn’t even run gatsby develop locally.

Had to tag in Alan for help. Effectively ruined both of our Saturdays.

After hours of trying different things, several hard rests, and a full reboot on my Mac, we came to the conclusion that my site won’t build at all when the latest version of Node is installed.


Was it worth it? Losing several hours of our lives over the whim of an idea that maybe I’d like to have a grid of images in my personal blog post? No. Absolutely not.

This is the price I pay for letting my personal site project sit neglected for so long.

It’s time to burn this whole thing down and start over.

But first, pizza.