Two Weeks In

January 14, 2022

Wowzas! It’s been two weeks since I re-booted my personal goals and, by extension, my writing habit.

How are things going?

  • I’ve been blogging every day! That means I’ve already published more content with my name on it in 2022 than I did all year last year. Current situation is quantity > quality. Not sustainable. Going to try to keep this up through the end of the month.

  • I’m half-way through this year’s Dry January! Overall, I’ve been happy with my N/A substitutions, like mocktails, kombucha, and zero-proof IPAs. Tonight I experienced the first pangs of missing out when I was cooking spaghetti for dinner. There’s just something about sipping on a glass of wine while you’re whisking pasta sauce. I’ll have to noodle on a good substitute for this one!

  • Still no progress on our plans to renovate the house. However, Alan did install a new faucet in our kitchen. Our previous single handled faucet got out of whack and wouldn’t stop dripping. The new, temporary faucet is very shiny and chrome and I don’t know how I feel about it. But, deciding to replace it made me realize how many other home projects we’ve been putting off because we’re waiting until we can “do it right.” I may do a strategic scan to see if there are any other cheap, small things we can upgrade to make life cozier or more functional, since it seems like it’s going to be awhile on project dream house over here…

  • My team at work is hiring! Knowing that we’ll be growing the PMM team this year, I’ve been spending extra time thinking about what awesome product marketing looks like in practice. I’m hoping to spend more time talking with customers, leveling up my presentation design, and deepening my technical knowledge of the product.

  • Financial wellness has been a big theme for me lately. I put together a new budget for 2022, and I’ve been keeping track of expenses every day. So far so good. We’ve been doing lots of meal planning instead of going out to eat. Super happy with the cash I’m saving there! But, I’ve also been splurging on nonsense things like books (as if I didn’t have a towering stack of unreads, belts (Léa Seydoux wore one in No Time to Die so I decided I needed one, too), and a five-pound bucket of soft silly putty. The silly putty truly is wonderful, though. I’m using it for at-home physical therapy to work on my wrist extension. Plus, a handful of putty makes a fantastic fidget during the day.

What else?

Like many of you, I’ve been playing the daily Wordle and listening to the Encanto soundtrack on repeat.

Oh! And, my girlfriends introduced me to the Co – Star Astrology app. My typical preference is for web apps over mobile apps but the peer pressure in the group chat got to me on this one. I’m a Sun in Taurus, Moon in Gemini, Ascendant in Aquarius. Today the Co-Star app told me to try seaweed snacks, hand lotion, and mason jars. Hand lotion is a given. I happened to have some seaweed snacks, so I went for it. But, I drew the line at mason jars. Wasn’t in a moonshine-etsy-wedding mood today.

P.S. I am NOT proud of the CSS on those app screenshots ^^. Too tired to figure out how to position two-column images right meow. Will worry about that later!