Favorite PMM Tools

January 04, 2022

Easing back into work this week means coming home to the apps I use to get my job done. These are the tools I actually look forward to using for Product Marketing work:

6 Current Faves for Product Marketing Work

  1. Gong — My absolute fave right now! With Gong, you can listen in on customer calls without crashing meetings or re-arranging your calendar. I receive an email alert if any of my key product areas get discussed on a recorded meeting. From my email, I can jump into the call, hear real customer feedback, and pick up insights along the way. Plus, last year Gong released an awesome feature that automatically detects whether a specific slide from a presentation is used in a meeting! Being a slide deck jockey is way more fun when you can quantify how often your content is actually being shown to customers.

  2. HubSpot — Of all the marketing automation platforms I’ve had the pleasure of using over the last 10 years, I gotta say: HubSpot is one of the good ones. It strikes a nice balance between power and ease of use, and it works the way I expect a marketing automation tool to work. These days, I let our Marketing Ops team handle all of the nitty gritty workflows. Still, I love that I can jump in to check on how an email campaign performed or build an Active List (like a Dynamic List) to get a quick glimpse of the number of customers in a defined segment.

  3. Sprout Social — Got introduced to this tool by a marketing leader who’s an expert in community and events (thanks, Ashlynn!) and now I can’t imagine working without it. I primarily use it for the Listening reports. I can check out trends for audiences posting about specific features, themes, or even competitors. From there, I can drill down to see specific tweets and get a richer sense of the sentiments.

  4. Miro — At this point in my remote-first work life, I prefer a Miro board to a physical whiteboard. I’ve seen Miro workshops run with 100+ people online, happily buzzing around virtual post-its. These are great for workshops, brainstorming, diagramming, or even wireframing. And, unlike the physical whiteboard in a meat-space conference room, the Miro board won’t get wiped clean when the next team comes in behind you.

  5. Google Docs — Boring, but true! Something about taking things to a Google Doc makes the writing feel more official. All of my core templates (Email Briefs, Content Briefs, Blog Post Drafts) live in the Google Suite. And, I always start my product page wireframes in Google Docs to get the content nailed down before moving to the design phase in Figma.

  6. Notion — If Google Docs is where I do most of my personal creative work, Notion is where I link people to my Google Docs. Go-to-market plans, strategy docs, DACI decisions, meeting notes… all that stuff lives in Notion. I was skeptical at first because the app was soooo slow when I first starting using it. The search isn’t perfect, so you really have to know where to look for things. But, if I were starting a new project tomorrow, I’d definitely start in Notion.

Hooray for lovable work apps! Having the right tools always makes the job easier.