Go Company Hunting

January 07, 2022

This afternoon I had the pleasure of catching up with a friend who’s back on the job market after taking time off for a life-saving surgery.

It was super fun to compare notes about what makes for a “dream job” in marketing.

My friend is a true creative who dreads logging into the marketing automation system. (I love marketing ops, but design is not my strength.)

My friend is open to a hybrid role. (I have zero desire to commute further than I can walk.)

We talked about résumés (write a custom-tailored one for every application!) and LinkedIn (update it to show off your portfolio and personality!) but the most important thing we landed on is something I’ll share here, too:

The perfect job at a horrible company is still a horrible job.

But, a close-enough job at a company that aligns with your core values and inspires you every day is a pretty great job.

Instead of thinking, “What jobs am I qualified to do with my skills?” and then looking up companies hiring for those jobs, ask yourself, “What companies would I love to work with?” and figure out how to get connected to those companies.

Look for companies with missions that warm your heart or people you admire.

Make sure the company culture matches what you need to feel included and supported.

And, especially if you want to work in marketing, look for a company that sells a product you genuinely love and understand. Marketing is way easier when you feel great about what you’re selling!