Here's (part of) my story.

A few years back, I was working in Customer Success at a web performance startup in Atlanta when it occurred to me, the new feature announcements I’d been sending to our customers were, in fact, product launch emails. I did some research and pitched for a new job title: Product Marketer.

Later, at FullStory, I had the chance to see exactly how dynamic product marketing roles can be based on company stage and go-to-market strategy. I supported both product-led and sales-led initiatives as the team grew from 40 to 200+ people.

My talks on onboarding and customer experience have been featured on ProductLed. I’m grateful to be part of a growing community of SaaS product leaders who are constantly learning, sharing, and furthering practices that drive growth.

In August 2020, I joined the go-to-market team at Netlify. Netlify is a web development platform where teams can build dynamic web applications using modern Jamstack architecture. Developers love Netlify because it makes shipping work super fast and worry-free. For example, when I want to deploy this site on Netlify, all I have to do is git push. Netlify watches for my change on Github and automatically deploys my site for me. It's pretty rad!

Like many folks in the U.S., I’m working remotely from home for the foreseeable future. I’ve been a long-time fan of WFH (because Atlanta commutes are truly next level), and I'm cherishing the extra time in Marietta with Alan Crissey and our spotted spaniel, Piper.

Get in touch.

You can email me at melanie crissey at gmail dot com or use my Calendly link to book time to connect.