Weekend Update


This morning I rolled over in bed, reaped my spacephone from its charger cable, and saw that a handful of my friends were sharing the same Forbes article: 14 Things Successful People Do on the Weekends.

Oh, brother. I'm still recovering from 12 Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast! When is Laura Vanderkam going to write something I can relate to like 15 Things Successful People Do After Cleaning Up Dinner or 8 Things Successful People Do While Sitting in Traffic?

On one hand I loathe these listicles. When I read them I feel like I need to adopt the outlined behaviors just to keep up. On the other hand, I'm surprised at how well I'm already working some of these habits into my life:

Number 1 on the weekender list is Make time for family and friends. If by 'family and friends' you mean 'my favorite Netflix TV show characters' then check.

Number 7 is Avoid chores. Check. Check. My sunroom needs to be mopped and there's an Aggro Crag of unfolded laundry on my ironing board.

Number 10 is Cultural activities. Does Instagramming a plum-avocado salad count? Check.

Here's a new list article entitled The One Thing Successful People Do Every Day:

  1. Whatever they darn well please.

Today I'm going to sip my coffee (thanks, Aajay for the fresh-roasted beans!), read my new eidé magazine, hang out with my old dogs, and who knows - maybe I'll do something productive like clean my house or break in my new running shoes.

You define what success means to you. Make your own list. Stick to it or burn it. Just don't ever wake up thinking you're not enough.