Demo Night

Heads up: since this post was published, Slingput has gone into defunct mode. It also looks like the original Medium post that Tavani wrote about Statup x Month has since been deleted. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have more questions about this project. Thanks!

Last night we celebrated the end of Startup x Month and the launch of Slingput with a walking tour of the neighborhood Switchyards will call home.



Brave souls conquered weather and traffic to meet in the thoroughfare of Williams Street, between 151 and 161 Spring, for what felt something akin to a huddle. The play? Build a design-led community in this Fairlie-Poplar Historic District where some of Atlanta's best old buildings stand in proximity.


I looked upon the building. I saw what it could become. Imagine floor to ceiling windows on the street-level, light flooding into an open community spaceā€¦

There's a decaying mural on the side of the building. Who painted it? Can it be salvaged? Will we remember that it was there?

mural photo credit Terry Kearns

We splashed across Spring street and paraded to Park Bar passing this beautiful Hense mural on the way.

hense photo credit @EllyFontArt

Upstairs humidified travelers met folks well into their first round. When it seemed that no one else could fit into the room, Tavani delivered a presentation. Key takeaways:

  • Tavani has mad skills with Keynote for Mac
  • Slingput helps you get your idea from early conception to the next step - whether that's crowdfunding, quitting your day job, or just taking the time to make it happen
  • Switchyards has a Slingput page now:


As I did laps around the bar with my pint of Drafty Kilt, awkwardly piping into tight circles of conversation, I confirmed my suspicion that Switchyards, like the Village, isn't about the building. Switchyards is about people - founders, doers, idealists - on a mission to make great things.

Thoughts on the launch

Today I woke up regretting that last night I didn't personally thank every member of the Slingput crew for their work. We're up there in the numbers for a group of co-founders. Together there are 10 of us - and that doesn't include the mentors Tavani brought in to help guide the project.

Every person who participated in this Slingput Startup x Month pulled weight so that we could launch with a strong brand and a working product.

These are the good folks who made Slingput happen:

Justin Kronz

Azhar Bande-Ali

Logan Allen

Chas Lemley

Matt D. Smith

Dan Fontaine

Patrick Di Rito

Jennifer Clinehens

Michael Tavani

I'm grateful that I had a chance to work with these talented people for a month. I can't wait to see what we build next.

Put your idea out there

Do you have an idea, a Twitter handle, and a high quality photo? Ready to share your idea and rally your friends? Go give Slingput a try and tell us how we can make it better.