Day Six: Routes

A few days ago I downloaded the Get Started in UX: Quick Start Guide by Sarah Doody, available if you sign up here.

Today I read through the guide and found The UX Checklist.

In The UX Checklist I found myself intrigued by 'Red routes' so I clicked 'Read more' and ended up here.

Then, I wanted to know more about 'red routes' so I googled the term and ended up here.

Did you know that important roads in London are known as 'red routes'?

I did not know that, but now I do.

In UX our 'red routes' are frequent and critical activities. We can prioritize features for development based on how often those features will be used and how many people will use them.

Applying this concept

In your app or website are there any paths that users take frequently that are super critical for success?

The idea that comes to mind for me is a billing portal for service subscribers. If I keep my credit card saved and stay with a service for several years I may hardly interact with this page, but if my credit card expires or changes, this task suddenly becomes a 'red route.'