Day Eleven: Responses

Yesterday I set out to gather some responses to a new user interface pushed live in a web app.

My team helped me place a slip in the app with a call to action, "Tell us what you think."

tell us

The 'Tell us what you think' link directs to a form.


In the first day of this experient we only received one response for every 17 unique visits to the response form.

Why isn't this form working as a method to gather feedback?

Some of my suspicions:

  • Too much friction leaving the app to visit the form
  • Too many required fields on the form
  • People may be reluctant to supply ideas if they also have to submit their email address

How could we improve the response rate on this form?

  • Embed the response form in the app instead of redirecting to an outside page?
  • Remove the email address field?
  • Improve the design of the form to make it more appealing?

It's funny… while the form itself hasn't gathered many responses yet, we have received some great responses through other channels. Users and prospects on calls or web meetings don't hesitate to share thoughts. Some folks even took the time to contact the support channel to share ideas about the changed interface.

This seems to debunk my idea that anonymity is key when gathering responses to a new feature or user interface. My current theory is that the UX of the process for providing feedback is inhibiting users from readily sharing their experiences.