Culture Check

Positive. Supportive. Self-starting. Where I work people are serious about embodying these traits.

Self-starting is easy. Something programmed in my soul drives me forward, fills my brain with ideas, and keeps me motivated. On any given day I’m working on several projects that aren’t explicitly outlined in my job description, and I like it that way.

Supportive has to be nurtured, but it’s natural. I’m a hyper-sensitive, empathetic person, and I’m also competitive. Once I realized that success isn’t a finite resource, my heart fell open to supporting other people. Now it’s reflexive.

Positive is more complex. Accentuate the positive. Eliminate the negative. Express happiness and affirmation. Project an image of success at all times.

Here’s the problem with the Thumper Rule: it perpetuates negligence.

To be supportive, we need to acknowledge the negative. To grow and improve, we need to be critical and constructive. We can benefit from disagreements and diversity of opinions. Most importantly, we need trust - and no one trusts someone who only opens up about the good things in their life.

#ilovemydog #soblessed #lifeisgood
(not pictured: the pile of poop I just shoveled off the floor)

Positivity starts with authenticity. Be honest. Look for the good. And, don’t be too quick to turn a blind eye when something negative comes into the picture. Sometimes all it takes is a little development to create something truly luminous.