Day Thirteen: OOUX

Yesterday I read Sophia's post on A List Apart about object-oriented user experience (OOUX). Today I'm practicing this with one of my passion projects that crashed and burned last year.


Give residents and business owners in my city a hyperlocal outlet to share stories, promote events, and advertise businesses by neighborhood.

  • Readers can search stories and events by neighborhood.
  • Business owners can sponsor stories or host events.

Identifying Objects

  • We will share stories, events, and businesses.
  • Residents are readers, and some residents may also be writers.
  • Readers will search stories, events, and businesses by neighborhood.

Post-it Note Party

I start with six sticky notes: reader, writer, business, neighborhood, story, and event.


As I begin listing out core content and metadata for each object I decide to ditch the 'reader' object because I won't need individual pages or profiles for every reader yet. This isn't Facebook.


I mentally distinguish that a location is an address that exists within a neighborhood. I also note that while stories and events both have dates, they're different types of dates: a publish date and an event date.


When I finally start to nest and prioritize objects I remember Sophia's pro-tip, "This ordered list does not necessarily provide a direct representation of what will be at the top and the bottom of the screen."

For stories I imagine an image could be much larger than the title, but maybe less important than the date - assuming readers will want to sort stories by recency. For businesses I prioritize hours and location above descriptions or logos, because if I search for a store I want to know if it's open after 6:00 PM, and if I search for a restaurant I want to know if it's open on Sunday for brunch. And, as I'm typing this I'm remembering that I'm not the reader, so I should probably do some research to test my hypothesis about hours and locations.