Wowza. It's been a minute.

In no particular order, here's a partial list of things wonderful that have happened in my life since I last wrote a blog post here:

One thing I didn't do:

  • Finish my 90DaysofUX project

90 Days of UX

The original plan was to work through a syllabus of specific topics and write one post a day for 90 Days. Y'all. I only made it two weeks.

Nevertheless! I'm a big fan of picking things up where they were left off, and I've never been one to fret over a change of plans.

Furthermore, some things have changed since I first started dabbling in UX learning. People across industries are embracing user experience principles and rolling them into their customer relationship management strategies. As more companies seek to deliver exceptional experiences for their customers through multiple channels and interfaces, search terms show a trend of interest in "customer experience" or "CX."

CX is nothing new. Companies have been executing and benefiting from customer experience design for as long as businesses have been taking people's money. But, as more aspects of customer experience depend on interactions with web or native interfaces that rely on thoughtful user experience design, the lines between UX and CX are getting fuzzy. I'm interested in learning more about the intersection of UX and CX.

New idea: finish that 90 Days of UX as 76 Days of CX with less rules on the table this time.

Desired outcome: learn some new things and show my work.

76 Days of CX

New rules:

  • From now until 8 July 2017 (which is 76 days from today)
  • Some number of short blog posts about customer experience topics
  • Delivered on no specific schedule

That, my friends, is how to commit to not overcommitting.

Now, onward!