One Year in at FullStory

Today marks one year since I took the plunge into my latest dream job working in "Product Marketing" at FullStory.

Here's the Instagram photo that I snapped when I walked through the doors one year ago today:

FullStory HQ

In this moment, one year later, I am feeling (in this order):

  • Humbled
  • Grateful
  • Excited
  • Motivated
  • Proud, and
  • A tiny bit scared


That I get to work with a bright and beautiful group of empathetic, genius humans who trust me to operate in their world and treat their customers with respect.


That I've had the chance to stretch my figurative wings, learn new things (command line tools, y'all!), and get involved at the table in countless projects and initiatives that are technically well outside the scope of my job title.


Because I'm looking at our company's vision and objectives for 2018, and we're rowing full speed ahead together in a direction that I'm thrilled to be rowing.


Because while there's been so much growth, I know I'm going to have to step up my game and rely on other people to keep up without dropping the balls that I can't afford to break.


Because there's still a living, breathing part of me that feels what it was like to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to roll a wagon full of milk cartons, coffee beans, syrup, and pastries across several blocks outside and through a courthouse security checkpoint to set up a coffee kiosk and get quarters thrown or rolled at my feet by government employees who would ask, "When are you going back to school?" to which I'd always reply, "I have a degree in business from a University" and then take home less than minimum wage;

A part of me that remembers what it was like to mop and scrub tile in a sandwich shop bathroom before driving my co-worker home at 3:30 in the morning and then showing up for 9:00 AM Biochem just hours later;

A part of me that remembers what it was like to feel like I'd never be enough to make a difference;

A part of me that thought "I'll never find a way to make a living where I can truly be myself";

A part of me that thought "Why bother, even?";

And, yet… somehow… I am also HERE.

I am proud that I've made decisions that let me do more with my career than my younger self ever imagined possible. And, I'm proud that I still recognize how lucky I am to have had each and every opportunity that I took.

I am proud that I've stood on stages and delivered talks (talks!) about topics that I care about in front of crowds of strangers that I perceive to be much smarter and more qualified than I am.

I am proud that I've been able to be a small and mighty advocate for FullStory customers.

I am proud that I'm still learning, adapting to things that I couldn't see coming, and showing up every day.

A tiny bit scared

Because exponential growth means change and uncertainty.

I used to think being "scared" was something to avoid, but an old friend at Rigor — this one's for Marisa, wherever you are — taught me that it's prudent to "Stay scared." It means that you gotta keep your eyes open and never settle.

Not that I'd call this "settling."

Thank you, FullStory, for letting me be myself in your confines.

Now, as the FullStorians say, "To the future!"