Day Eight: Off Track

Whoops! I got off track and now I'm behind schedule.

Things I've done since my last post:

  • Went to Ponce City Market for Rigor's quarterly all hands meeting
  • Saw The Martian
  • Slept in on a rainy Saturday
  • Took a carton of garments to Goodwill
  • Tried on way too many plaid flannel shirts at Goodwill
  • Practiced side planks at hot yoga
  • Participated in a UX survey for my friend's homework
  • Created a survey form for a new user interface
  • Skimmed this stellar UX Myths post about how people read websites
  • Read the first two chapters of Rethinking UX

Applying this concept

Whether we're leading user training or usability testing it's important to leave some time for people to get a little bit off track. Naturally, we'll want to direct attention back to the task at hand and it's desirable to be conscious of time, but when we control behavior we forfeit valuable insights about inclinations and expectations.

We should play some tug of war between scripts and exploration, and give ourselves room to discover experiences.