Hello Slingput

Heads up: since this post was published, Slingput has gone into defunct mode. It also looks like the original Medium post that Tavani wrote about Statup x Month has since been deleted. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have more questions about this project. Thanks!

My closest friends know that I'm the worst at keeping secrets. I've been quietly working on something new with a talented crew of folks, and I'm delighted to tell you more about it today.

Y'all, meet Slingput.

Slingput is a testing ground for startup ideas. Slingput helps you quickly gather feedback, collect emails, or accept payments from your friends so that you can test whether your idea has legs.

Technically, we're talking about about a landing page builder. Conceptually, we're talking about enhancing that step betweeen scribbling something brilliant on the back of a napkin and building your minimum viable product.


Here are a few reasons to love Slingput:

  • We're eating our own dogfood. We're using Slingput to test whether there's any interest in Slingput.
  • We're designing something functionally beautiful. We're starting with what works and working toward the most elegant solution.
  • We're made with soul in Atlanta. Slingput is the product of Startup x Month and a cohort of Switchyards.

We're having a casual demo night on Wednesday, September 3rd. I'd love to see you there!

Visit our Slingput, send us your email address, and we'll make sure you know where and what time we'll be getting together.

Until then, you can stay in touch with @slingput on Twitter and Instagram.