Like a Sailor

Yesterday I overheard a conversation at my office that went something like this:

MAN: The lady who ran the event was very unprofessional. From the moment she got on stage she began dropping the f-bomb and it just didn’t stop.

BRO: I don’t like it when women curse. A few well-timed f-bombs here and there can be alright, but when women curse? What a turn-off!

Gross, bro. Whether or not I choose to use expletives has nothing to do with satisfying your expectations or preferences for attraction.

I have notoriously deplorable language habits.

Lately I’ve been working to clean up my act, but my husband still battles my propensity for profanity when we’re together in public.

“Hey - I know you’re reclaiming that word, but could you pipe down? We’re in a neighborhood.”

Some good reasons to curse:

  • To relieve stress or tension when something bad happens
  • To express solidarity or membership in a group
  • To make someone laugh

Some good reasons to avoid cursing:

  • To show respect
  • To practice self-control
  • To seem ladylike so that men will approve of you


Please know that if I ever decide to start censoring my language, I’ll be doing it for selfish reasons.