Crucial Age

In fifth grade my parents sent me to a new school. At my old school all of the kids played soccer at recess. At my new school boys played football and girls played cheerleading squad. I was 10 years old and clinically depressed because I couldn't do a cartwheel.

So, I signed up for cheerleading. Fifth grade was pretty much the last year you could get away with joining a squad without experience. By sixth grade tryouts got serious.

I spent the first years of my adolescence working my tail off trying to catch up with girls who had been tumbling since infancy. I broke my arm in half. Two metal plates. Six screws.

Some people have God-given gifts for that type of athletic performance. Everyone else has to develop the strength and flexibility over time. I missed the crucial age for developing those skills. No matter how hard I worked or how many hours I spent with private coaches, I would never catch up in time to compete.

I kept cheering for a few years in high school, partly because I liked being compared to that angsty girl from One Tree Hill and mostly because I needed to round out my college application.

Coding is not like cheerleading. There is no crucial age for learning how to code and there certainly aren't a finite number of spots on the coding squad.

Do I wish I started learning to code sooner? Sure. Would it have been easier to learn code before I rotted my brain partying and binge-watching Netflix? Absolutely.

It is never too late to learn to code.

I mean, technically at some point it is too late because mortality. But, if you're reading this and you're not dead yet then it's not too late for you.