Make a Circle

On Wednesday morning 20 women (and one baby human!) met in the community room at the Atlanta Tech Village to talk about starting something: a StartupChicks Circle.

Why start a circle?

I’m looking for mentorship and support from women who work in startups or technology. I thought a circle would be a great way to meet and hear from female founders and successful women that I don’t see at the office every day.

Why Atlanta Tech Village?

Convenience, culture, and accommodations. Atlanta is a beautiful city full of wonderful people doing amazing things, but our neighborhoods are fragmented. I needed the circle to be somewhere immediately near where I work. Luckily, the Village has ample community space built-in. Bonus: the positive, supportive culture here is extra-conducive for connecting as a group.

Why StartupChicks?

When I brought up the idea of starting a female-focused career development group, my boss suggested I reach out to Jen Bonnett. When I met Jen and learned about the StartupChicks mission, it was clear that my values aligned with the focus on connection, education, and inspiration. StartupChicks is growing a global network of female entrepreneurs. I want to be a part of that network and take advantage of existing resources.

I’m excited to see how this circle will grow and develop. If you’re interested in learning about our StartupChicks circle, joining our circle, or starting your own circle, I’d love to hear from you.