Day Twelve: Apart

This morning as I was slowly acclimating myself to email after a few days unplugged at the lake, I found a message from Sophia Voychehovski with a link to her latest post on A List Apart.

Some notes from reading:

  • Mobile first forces prioritization
  • Content first forces us to know what we're saying before we prioritize
  • If we don't know what we're going to say yet, we can design for instantiated objects first
  • In object-oriented user experience (OOUX) we should first define objects and then actions that relate to those objects, which will help drive us toward contextual navigation

Note: instantiated means an example of a type of object that might occur, and we can use instantiated objects as working examples for otherwise abstract concepts of similar objects.

The way that Sophia describes pulling objects from a project brief reminds me of diagraming sentences, which was by and large my favorite part of fifth grade. I appreciate the way we can infer the need for objects from key tasks. And, I'm intrigued by the concept of nesting objects and linking them together in a system before prioritizing them.

Tomorrow I'll break out the sticky notes and apply the activity Sophia suggested to one of my sidelined side projects that's begging for revival.