17 Good Things That Happened in 2017

2017, y'all. Woof.

Reflecting on this past year has me feeling dazed. Lots of icky things happened. The news was sad and terrible and relentless. At a personal level, I managed to get in a wreck with a tow truck (fun times) and when it came to work targets, I definitely missed as many as I hit.

But, there were also so many good things. Here are some of those good things:

  1. Started one new fulfilling and challenging job (get in on this magic; we have La Croix and coupe glasses of peebz)

    la croix and peebz

  2. Sang on stage with friends at two hootenannies

  3. Delivered three professional talks at conferences and meetups (plus: spoke on two panels and moderated one!)

  4. Carried signs in four protests

  5. Treated my husband and family members to five sensational dinners at my favorite little restaurant on the Marietta Square

  6. Baked and gifted six olive oil cakes

  7. Completed the 7th season of Star Trek: The Next Generation

    Picard Season 7

  8. Published 8 personal blog posts (not counting this one!)

  9. Read 9 books, cover-to-cover, strictly for fun (1984, The Underground Railroad, Hallelujah Anyway, Bird by Bird, Hunger, Rabbit, Little Fires Everywhere, Leia, Princess of Alderaan, and The Cooking Gene)

  10. Visited 10 U.S. cities for the first time (related: got to eat my first cheesesteak and my first deep-dish pizza)

  11. Snapped 11 Instagram photos of my camera-shy man-friend


  12. Consumed 49 “meat box” lunches (a whopping 733% increase in BBQ consumption over the previous year)

    Meat Box

  13. Made it to 50 yoga classes

  14. Joined a board for a local history museum

  15. Saw a sunrise in Joshua Tree National Park

    sunrise in Joshua Tree Park
    This stunning view, made possible by jetlag.

  16. Tracked down a house in Colorado where my grandfather grew up and found a little lake where he used to iceskate as a kid

    Rocky Mountain Lake Park

  17. After 4 years of marriage, finally went to the DMV and got my driver’s license changed to read my married name (shout out to Georgia Department of Driver Services on County Services Rd; y'all were impressively friendly and efficient; 10/10 would visit again)

Still, this is such an arbitrary list. There were countless moments of celebration: happy hours with new friends, weekends away to visit old friends, new skills learned, new milestones marked, weddings and alpacas and inches of snow…

Snow in Atherton Park partio

Look, I'm not making any resolutions this year. Every time I make a list of bad habits to drop, I only end up falling into them harder. But, I will aim to manifest an even longer list of triumphs to enumerate for this time next year.

Keep a count — not only of your blessings — but of all the joy you create for yourself.